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We have numerous companies in our portfolio, details of which can be found below:


Shaneel Enterprises

Shaneel Enterprises was one of the first companies that was established under the Shaneel Group. Within the past 30 years it has become synonymous for marketing and distributing branded fragrances to the secondary market. From direct sourcing from major brand owners, Shaneel Enterprises is now an international distributor to key accounts worldwide. With a huge wealth of experience and large network of International offices, the company is ideally placed to work with big brands and offer these to its customers.

Mayfair Perfumes

Since 2004, Mayfair Perfumes has made available a long-established portfolio of famous names scents and cosmetics. Successfully maintaining the tradition of upholding high standards of excellence and bringing quality products to a global marketplace, and today Mayfair Perfumes is the home of modern classics, timeless favourites and well-loved brands that continue to be best sellers.

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Designer Parfums

Founded in 2002, Designer Parfums has firmly established itself as creative and innovative force in the fine fragrance market. A custodian of historic brands and a driving force in the premium luxury, entertainment and accessible lifestyle arena. Designer Parfums unique portfolio includes some of the most coveted names in fragrance: Jean Patou, GHOST, Aigner Parfums, Jean-Louis Scherrer and WORTH.

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Fragrance Expert

Fragrance Expert is an exciting platform for today’s modern consumer. A new retail and on-line concept that celebrate brands, highlights new launches and introduces products in a fresh, contemporary format. Working alongside hand-picked beauty industry experts and the media for a clearly defined editorial style and building a strong reputation with the influential beauty bloggers, Fragrance Expert is the ideal destination for insight into what’s hot, what works and what inspires. The beauty marketplace is undergoing a transformation and Fragrance Expert is leading the way.

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Worth Paris

One of the great names in the history of fashion, Charles Frederick Worth was the Englishman known as the “Father of Couture”. Founded in 1858, The HOUSE of WORTH grew to become the most influential and successful fashion house in the world with a truly outstanding royal client list and a global celebrity following. Today, WORTH PARIS is now known for its legendary fragrances and exclusive couture collections. WORTH PARIS epitomises luxury and the elevation of true heritage.

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Perfume was set up to offer designer fragrances and cosmetics at ultra-competitive prices. This UK based retailer is not just an on-line portal but also has strategically placed shops across the United Kingdom from wholly-owned stores to stylish concessions in well-respected outlets such as House of Fraser and Boundary Mills. delivers unbeatable value on a wide range of branded skincare and cosmetics.